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Pet wipe

After outdoor play your pets may carry plentiful feculence and bacteria home.And the pets like to lap the claw and hair which can infect the bacteria and fall sick. So it is very important to use the pet cleaning wipes to clean you pet cat or pet dog frequently. After each outdoor play you should clean the claw,abdomen and buttocks of the pet. Also you should clean the nest and clear away the egesta of the pet. This pet care product can avoid spread of the bacteria which make your pet keep healthy body and keep the house's sanitation.

This nonwoven pet care product is a professional pet care wipe for different purpose, treated with an antibacterial formula which can be used to wipe away debris on different parts of pets, keep them clean and healthy; Material of the pet cleaning wipes are high grade nonwoven. The pet care product can clean up the feculence on the hair and claw of the pet. It is no irritative and hurt to your pet. Alcohol free,no side-effect,clean,antibacterial,soft,convenient are the features of the wipes.

pet cleaning wipes pet cleaning wipes pet cleaning wipes
  pet cleaning wipe Pet Dogs    
  pet cleaning wipe Pet Cats    
  pet cleaning wipe Other small pet    
  pet cleaning wipe helps reduce allergies to pets
  pet cleaning wipe wipe away dead hair and dander
  pet cleaning wipe Gentle & Alcohol free.
  pet cleaning wipe Non-woven fabric, soft and gentle,
  pet cleaning wipe Environment-friendly
Specifications :
  pet cleaning wipe Available ingredient: 100% viscose or viscose%+poly%
  pet cleaning wipe Available wight: 40-50gsm
  pet cleaning wipe Available size:
  pet cleaning wipe Color: White
  pet cleaning wipe Package: foil package
Paz. Method
Pan. Size
Pet clean wipes

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