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Liquid Bandage for Pets

Liquid bandage is a topical skin treatment for minor cuts and sores that is sold by several companies. The products are mixtures of chemicals which create a polymeric layer which binds to the skin. This protects the wound by keeping dirt and germs out, and keeping moisture in. They are typically a polymer dissolved in water, alcohol or solvent, sometimes with an added antiseptic, although the alcohol in some brands may serve the same purpose. These products protect the wound by forming a thin film of polymer when the carrier evaporates. Polymers used may include polyvinylpyrrolidone (water based), pyroxylin/nitrocellulose or poly(methylacrylate-isobutene-monoisopropylmaleate) (alcohol based), and acrylate or siloxane polymers (hexamethyldisiloxane or isooctane solvent based). Other types of liquid bandages (more suited for use when the wound is actively bleeding), are based on cyanoacrylates. Although ethylcyanoacrylates are conventionally used in "superglue" adhesives, medical cyanoacrylates are based on octylcyanoacrylates, as they do not break down in the body to toxic byproducts, as ethylcyanoacrylates do. Research is underway into acrylate copolymer based products, as there is less chance of gluing body parts together accidentally.

In addition to their use in replacing conventional bandages in minor cuts and scrapes, they have found use in surgical and veterinary offices, as they cause less trauma, and do not have to be removed like sutures (stitches) and staples do. Liquid bandages are increasingly finding use in the field of combat, where they can be used to rapidly staunch a wound until proper medical attention can be obtained. Liquid bandage has also been used to treat skin tags.

doggie paw wipe doggie paw wipe doggie paw wipe
  pet paw cleaning wipe Pet Dogs
  pet paw cleaning wipe Pet Cats
  pet paw cleaning wipe Other small pet
  pet paw cleaning wipe Removes dander and saliva
  pet paw cleaning wipe Liquid will not harm pet if ingested
  pet paw cleaning wipe Alcohol free
  pet paw cleaning wipe Removes dirt and debris
  Effective cleansers remove dirt from haircoat
  pet paw cleaning wipe Helps reduce odors
  pet paw cleaning wipe Emollients leave haircoat shiny and clean
  Vitamins A and E promote healthy skin, coat
  pet paw cleaning wipe Aloe Vera to soothe your pet's skin
Specifications :
  pet paw cleaning wipe Package:
  pet paw cleaning wipe Volume: 6ml
  pet paw cleaning wipe Available size: 16.5x21cm

Liquid bandage formula:

Trichoro hydroxydiphenyl ether, acrylate terpolymer, polyvinyl butyral, isooctane, benzil alcohol


External skin use only. For animal use only. Do not leave within reach of children. Do not swallow.

Do not apply to wounds which are bleeding profusely, infected wounds, burns, weeping wounds (around the mouth in particular and around the eyes). Store between 10- 30 temperature.

Paz. Method
Pan. Size
Pet paw wipes
foil package with plastic lid

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