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Nail polish remover wipes

The nail care product can clearing up the nail polish quickly and effectively,and keep the nail retain nature polish. There is no acetone component and alcohol free in the wipe. It will not hurt you nail and no pungent.The nail polish remover wipes are made of embossed spunlace nonwoven fabric, the material is 100% viscose, has good absorbent, soft and sanitary. It's used for clearing up the nail polish of the women at the beauty parlor or in daily makeup.

nail polish remover wipes nail polish remover wipes nail polish remover wipes nail polish remover wipes
  nail polish remover pads Beautician nail polish remover pads Hairdresser
  nail polish remover pads Healthcare nail polish remover pads Casino
  nail polish remover pads Home    
  nail polish remover pads No heat expansion in the pouch
  nail polish remover pads Easy to store for long period
  nail polish remover pads Soft and high tenacity,extreme absorption
  nail polish remover pads Removes nail polish quickly
  nail polish remover pads Long time keeping with zipper locked pouch
  nail polish remover pads Ingredient available: 100% pure viscose
  nail polish remover pads Size available:
  nail polish remover pads Color: white
  nail polish remover pads Shape: round or others

Nail polish remover wipes liquid

Ingredient of the nail polish liquid: plant extract, aqua, natural blended oil, PEG-75 Lanoline, organic methyl, esters, citric acid, Vitamin E, and Panthenol to help nail protection.

Usage tip: Firstly wipe each nail with a single stroke of the pad, then work back through each nail with a firm rubbing action to remove all traces of nail polish. Don't forgot washing hand after use.

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Pan. Size
Nail polish remover wipes


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