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Beauty facial mask

The beauty facial mask( facial masque) can clean out the melanin on the face and the especial abluent component, can clean out the sebum,dirt in the pores effectively and keratose,intenerate abluent component help to clean the face quickly.The beauty product has the component of heat preservation,keep the moisture balance of the face.dispel the dry and comfortlessness feeling. keep the moisten of the face.Our facial mask is made of 100% nonwoven fabric after advanced technical treatment.The facial mask can improve skin quickly.

The face mask can clean skin thoroughly. When we spread the facial mask on the skin, it can urge an aging Cape layer to shed off after the skin surface layer contact of the silk, and eject the deep and dirty thing, then make our skin entirely clean. the beauty care products are becoming more and more popular both at home and abroad!

The facical mask may adopt the following material:
Milk protein fiber fabric Soybean protein fiber fabric
Bamboo fiber fabric Bamboo charcoal fibre fabric
Far infrared fiber fabric Hemp Fiber fabric
Pearl Fibre Fabric Angora Rabbit Hair Fabric

face masque face masque
  facial mask Beautician facial mask Hairdresser
  facial mask Healthcare facial mask Casino
  facial mask Home facial mask Gymnasium
  facial mask Advanced spunlace nonwoven material
  facial mask No formaldehyde and gluey substances
  facial mask Soft and high tenacity,extreme absorption
  facial mask Handiness,pleasing to the eye
  facial mask LOGO on the tag for advertisement
  facial mask Ingredient available: 100% pure viscose
  facial mask Size available: 24"*24" or others.
  facial mask Color: white
  facial mask Shape: round or others
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Facial cleaning wipes

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