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Brief Instruction

Riway enjoys growth rates considerably higher than the industry in which we operate because we gain market share. Market share gain is a two-pronged approach - internal and external. Internally, we follow a strict discipline that contains four basic objectives as follows:

  • To be the industry's best cost provider.
  • To achieve the highest quality in our product lines.
  • To develop cutting-edge products and solutions which meet the demanding needs of our customers.
  • To provide our customers with the most responsive service and support in the industry.
Corporate guidelines

Our corporate philosophy is based on principles, which have proven to be groundbreaking throughout the years of dynamic development at Riway, It is characterized by the terms quality, efficiency, customer proximity, support, added value and customer benefits. This gives rise to the motto, which determines all the company's activities: "Riway all rounders for economical spunlace nonwoven products", As an independent and innovative manufacturer and exporter, Riway develops and sells customer-oriented products of the highest quality.

The employees' enthusiasm is transferred to both customers and partners. Customers must be offered the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness in nonwoven towel roll. This is achieved by the implementation of state-of-the-art production and IT technologies and through motivated and well-trained employees as well as the provision of comprehensive, customer-oriented service, which always provides quick assistance whenever required.

Quality as the highest goal

In this context, the criterion "quality" is awarded a central significance, which runs like a thread through all corporate activities. At Riway, quality is part of company life at all levels. Only in this manner can the highest manufacturing and product quality be ensured. Modern teamwork with high synergies, ongoing further training and not least certification of the company in accordance with ISO9001 and CE provide evidence of Riway's desire to become better both internally and externally, in order to satisfy our customers in a more efficient, friendly, time and cost saving manner.

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