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Compressed facial mask

The compressed facial mask is used for face care, which is made of 100% viscose or nature silk ingredient. This type of facial skin care products doesn't contain any chemical components and has the features of soft, absorbable and biodegradable. Compressed facial mask can absorb extra grease on the skin and resist the nutrient vaporized and loss.

It can be easily carried. When you want to use, just simply put the compressed mask into the nutrient liquid, then it will open and grow rapidly, then a full mask comes out.The nonwoven compressed facial mask is used widely. The efficacy of facial care will be several times than normal cosmetic care.

The working principle of the mask is: By preventing the skin of face contact the surrounding to raise the skin temperature to open the pore, intenerate the sebum and remove the aging cutin.

compressed facial mask compressed facial mask compressed facial mask compressed facial mask
  Skin care    
  Non-toxic and without alcohol
  Soft touch, absorbent, lint-free
  light and magically turns into mask
  All kinds of different shapes
  Convenient to carry out
  Ingredient: 100% viscose
  Size: 20.5x20.8cm
  Color: white
  Weight: 65gsm ,30pcs/bag, 54bags/ctn

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