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Barber Gown

People used to wrap up a big neckerchief or towels to avoid dirty their coat in the daily hairdressing.The big neckerchief is waterproof and texture is hard so it can not stick down the fractional hair. Dirt on the towel is difficult to clean. as many people share one neckerchief that cutaneous diseases will spread abroad one by one easily.

Pick a slice of saloon towel and wrap up on the neck.It is a one-off nonwoven product.It is impossible to spread abroad the disease.And it can stop the hair drop on the neck to bring the comfortlessness.hair dye will not adhere to your neck or collapsible.The neckband is clean and comfortable,conformable for customers. It is the optimal choice as it's low price.Material of the beauty care product is spunlace nonwoven. So it is very cheap and low cost. This nonwoven barber gown can prevent the germ which is make the as origin of infection

salon towels salon towels
  Barber gown Beautician    
  Barber gown Healthcare    
  Barber gown Hairdresser    
  Barber gown Beauty parlor    
  Barber gown Advanced spunlace nonwoven material
  Barber gown No formaldehyde and gluey substances
  Barber gown Soft and high tenacity,extreme absorption
  Barber gown Ingredient available: 100% pure viscose
  Barber gown Size available:
  Barber gown Color: white
  Barber gown Shape: V

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Saloon towels

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