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Disposable Training Pants

Your baby is growing up fast and you know what that means - time to graduate from our Chlorine-Free Diapers to our Chlorine-Free Training Pants. Offering the same soft, cloth-like comfort and excellent performance of our diapers, while also featuring inner leak barriers for superior leakage protection and stretchy side panels for better fit.

Do you start training your child before she reaches her second birthday, or after? Do you reward her with candy, prizes, etc., or should praise be sufficient? Some people argue that training pants are just another form of diapers. They believe that to really potty train a child, you must go straight to the real underwear. This might be true in some cases, and false in others. One thing is true, however, when you first begin training your child, it is unreasonable to expect him to stay dry all night, every night. For your convenience and his comfort, you can use training pants for nighttime sleeping only, if you like, and save the big boy underwear for daytime use.

Disposable Training Pants-If you use disposable diapers, then you're probably already aware of disposable training pants. These work along the concept as disposable diapers. Some brands claim to use material which lets a child feel when she is becoming wet. They are generally easy to pull on and off, and if there is an accident, clean-up is pretty simple, too. The negative side of disposable training pants, however, is that they are too much like a typical diaper, and a child might not get the idea that he isn't suppose to actually use them when he has them on!

diaposable baby training pants diaposable baby training pants diaposable baby training pants
  canister baby wipe Baby care
  canister baby wipe Baby training
  canister baby wipe Super flexible design activities more easily to baby
  canister baby wipe Ultra-thin and soft top sheet to provide gentle care
  canister baby wipe Ventilation design to keep your baby's skin dry and comfortable
  canister baby wipe Even inthe baby activities can easily wear the them
  canister baby wipe Super absorbent keep skin dry &comfortable
  canister baby wipe The cute cartoon design makes more fun to baby
  canister baby wipe The specially designed of leg cuff and leak guard to prevent side leakage
  canister baby wipe Material:Nonwoven, Pulp, SAP, PE film.
  canister baby wipe Weight:See as following tables
  canister baby wipe Size: L size, XL size;
  canister baby wipe Package:: See as following tables
Paz. Method
L Size
Pulp 16gram, SAP 8gram, total 40gram.
22pcs/bag, 8bag/ctn.
XL Size
Pulp 16gram, SAP 8gram, total 40gram.
20pcs/bag, 8bag/ctn.

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