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Leather wipes

Dirt, grease and grime will cling to the textured cloth without leaving a residue or smearing. The leather wipes are impregnated with a blend of oils, emollients and cleansers that nourish and protect as they clean, leaving leather supple. It is the best choice to tend and protect your leathers to prolong the longevity of the leather. These nonwoven leather care wipes is used for leathern sofa,luggage,bag and shoe leather.

It is very convenient and sanitary that each pieces is one-off.The leather care wipe cleans everyday dirt from all smooth leathers and vinyl. It is gentle on hands - contains hand care ingredients. The Leather cleaning wipes offer a simple and convenient way to clean and care for all your leather items.These wet leather care wipes protect the rich look of leather and guards against spills & stains. The leather cleaning wipes are specially formulated to safely and effectively clean dirt and soil while protecting against spills and stains.

wet tissue
  leather wipe Leather furniture
  leather cleaning wipe Handbags
  leather cleaning wipe Luggage
  leather cleaning wipe Footwear and clothing
  leather cleaning wipe Nice attraction of hair, dust, and dirty particle
  leather cleaning wipe Convenient & easy to change
  leather cleaning wipe Good air permeability
  leather cleaning wipe Anti-mildew and moth, acid and alkali resistant
  leather cleaning wipe Mesh design to remove dirty and stain effective
  leather cleaning wipe Super Strong Anti-Static Efficiency
  leather cleaning wipe Material: nonwoven fabric
  leather cleaning wipe Weight:
  leather cleaning wipe Color: white
  leather cleaning wipe Package:
Paz. Method
Pan. Size
Leather & shoes wipes          

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