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Coin Tissue Dispenser

Compressed coin tissue machines can compress the towel into circular, heart-shaped, spherical, shell-shaped and so on. The final products can be used for bath towel, cultural shirt, socks, and other similar cotton textiles. RIWAY coin compressed towel machine has the features of high speed, 16 cavities, easy operation and less investment.

nonwoven towel machinery nonwoven towel machinery nonwoven towel machinery
Applications :
  spunlace nonwoven    
  thermalbond nonwoven    
  airlaid nonwoven    
  100ton hydraulic pressure compressing system
  The compressing time and loading time can be set on the PLC panel
  Max. output: 16pcs per compressing cycle
  Suits for making nonwoven compressed towel, cotton compressed towel, T-shirt
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